Queens Arms House

Space Consultancy dressed this modern show home within a boutique development located in Battersea, London.

In June 2020, we were tasked by a property developer, working with our regular client, James Pendleton, to dress the show home for a new and modern development in Battersea, London.

This striking and unusual boutique development converted from an old Battersea pub, comprised 8 apartments and a new 3 bedroom house, the latter of which Space was instructed to furnish as the show home. The complex was built with young professionals and couples in mind, and to keep within budget, we were to deploy some furniture from one of the client's existing properties. There was also a pressing timescale to this project, which had to be installed within 48 hours from start to finish in readiness to launch onto the sales market!

In line with the brief, we designed our proposal around the style of the existing furniture to be used; and, with the target market as our principal focus, we used a "City Loft" style as our principal inspiration, carefully selecting new statement furniture and other pieces to complete the look that would showcase the vibrant complex at its best and secure sales.

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